General Rules of Riley Company

1.) Be Respectful to everyone.

2.) If you are asked by an Administrator to stop doing something, you should stop. An Administrator's decision is final.

3.) Do not be extremely disruptive.

4.) No trolling, spamming, or hate speech. Using slurs or bigoted words such as the N-word is banned. If you aren't sure about a word, ask an Administrator.

5.) No advertisement is to be made of another organization unless otherwise authorized by an Administrator. Any unsolicited DM's of recruitment is to be reported to an Administrator, as this is a bannable offense.

6.) No offensive or otherwise inappropriate nicknames or profile pictures. This includes blank or invisible names and excessive use of noisy or unusual unicode characters.

7.) Finally, just have fun! Meet people. Make friends. Enjoy yourselves!

Dead Matter Rules

1.) Closed Alpha is under NDA! Do not violate this and share your personal media to non-backers. Riley Company and staff will attempt to remove any media outside of verified sources and will not be held accountable for loss of your access to the game.

2.) KoS is allowed but we do ask that you try and play out the situation instead of just shooting someone (e.g. Hold ups, Robbing People, Role Play, CheckPoints).

3.) We will not tolerate any kind of sexism, racism, homophobic behavior, or abusive behavior of any kind.

4.) No restrictions on where you can build or claim a building provided it is not a large Point of Interest like Market or Police Station.

5.) No restrictions on base raiding; We want you to have control and play the game the way it is intended.

6.) Hacking or using exploits will result in a ban if you are found to be abusing them or using exploits for personal gain within the game.


For any in-game issues such as being stuck, falling through the floor, etc. - We will have a support ticket system in our Discord for our active Admins to respond to.


For any in-game issues where players are violating rules, we will have a reporting system in our Discord, but you must have video evidence for swift action to be taken.


Admins have the final say on matters but will always listen to both sides of the story before taking any action unless one of the parties does not want to discuss the matter.

Escape From Tarkov Rules

Before we begin. EFT is a unique solo or team based game that can be played multiple different ways. We would like to express that all players should have a basic understanding of each others play-styles and loot expectations. Not everybody is on the same page with how they react in regards to loot and aggression. Please clarify your groups play-style prior to going into the first raid with someone to prevent miscommunication and misunderstandings.

1.) Be respectful of other player’s kills.

2.) Clarify your mission (kills, loot, quest, etc..)

3.) Communicate clearly.

4.) Ask if players are in raid when joining a channel.

5.) Intentional Team-killing is a bannable offense.

All disputes in regards to situations occurring within EFT are to be handled by the EFT Branch staff!

Hell Let Loose Rules

1.) Be respectful to your fellow gamers. No racism will be tolerated AT ALL!

2.) All officers are required to use mics, there is no exception this is a team based game!

3.) Team killing will not be tolerated, if you team kill please apologize so as to not spark a confrontation.

4.) No solo Armor Squads, You are required to have at least 2 members out of 3 for an armor squad.

5.) Please always ask your Officer what class he needs if any. If not certain about what class is needed, pick any role.

6.) Most important rule: HAVE FUN!

Seeding Rules

1.) Keep the teams balanced for a fun enjoyable seed, no one wants to be a pincushion.

2.) No Armor or Recon Squads until the server is live at 30 players. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.) Fight over the center point of the maps.

4.) Its every members job to stay on the look out for these things in order to provide a fast seed.

5.) Commanders may use passive assets such as supply drops and recon until the server is live.

If an Admin is needed, please reach out via Discord to Fitfire, Sultry Eagle, Wasabi, or Maximus