General Rules of Riley Company

1. Be respectful to everyone.

2. If you are asked by an Administrator to stop doing something, you should stop. An Administrator's decision is final.

3. Do not be extremely disruptive.

4. No trolling, spamming, or hate speech. Using slurs or bigoted words such as the N-word is banned. If you aren't sure about a word, ask an Administrator.

5. No advertisement is to be made of another organization unless otherwise authorized by an Administrator. Any unsolicited DM's of recruitment is to be reported to an Administrator, as this is a bannable offense.

6. No offensive or otherwise inappropriate nicknames or profile pictures. This includes blank or invisible names and excessive use of noisy or unusual unicode characters.

7. Finally, just have fun! Meet people. Make friends. Enjoy yourselves.

DayZ Server Rules

RILEY CO. DayZ Code Of Conduct


- Disrespect towards staff or fellow community members will not be tolerated

- Help each other whenever possible (not necessarily in DayZ!)

- We are a community of like-minded gamers that rely on each other to create our own environment, so work together.



- All existing rules for Riley Company apply for our DayZ server.

- All matters of dispute must be taken up through the correct channels. 

-Anyone avoiding the following procedure will see consequences:

A.) If you have a problem with someone in the game, please use the #dayz-support channel to voice your concern. Outside of the game, please use #help in the RC Discord Server.

B.) If you ping a high-ranking member about a dispute, you will be warned the first time. Second time offenders will be temporarily relieved of server access.

C.) All matters will be taken up by our team of moderators and passed along as they see fit. You will be contacted separately, or responded to in the support channel if the matter is not sensitive.

D.) If you are banned from the server, whether temporary or permanently, you may appeal the decision in #dayz-ban-appeal . Administrators will take each issue at their convenience.

E.) If you are having trouble connecting to the server, you may also use the #dayz-support channel.




- Hacking, glitching, or duping will result in a permanent ban and report of Steam profile, no warnings.


- Exploiting game mechanics will result in a warning or temporary ban based on severity after investigation.


- Repeated/purposeful griefing will result in a warning or temporary ban based on severity after investigation.


- Stream sniping of any kind (including 3rd-party informational relay) will result in a permanent ban after investigation.


- Vulgar VOIP in the presence of an active streamer, with harmful intent, will result in a temporary ban.


- Logging out to avoid conflict is frowned upon - repeated use may result in a ban.


- Do not be a sore winner or loser.




- To prevent player domination, bases should consist no more than:

2 vehicles

2 car tents

2 medium tents

2 large tents

Warnings will be issued at first for removal of excessive base items, if there is no compliance, more extreme measures will be used.




- KOS is frowned upon but not against the rules. We encourage dynamic gameplay between player interactions.

Escape From Tarkov Rules

Before we begin. EFT is a unique solo or team based game that can be played multiple different ways. We would like to express that all players should have a basic understanding of each others play-styles and loot expectations. Not everybody is on the same page with how they react in regards to loot and aggression. Please clarify your groups play-style prior to going into the first raid with someone to prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding.


1) Be respectful of other player’s kills.


2) Clarify your mission (kills, loot, quest, etc..)


3) Communicate clearly.


4) Ask if players are in raid when joining a channel.


5) Intentional Team-killing is a bannable offense.


All disputes in regards to situations occurring within EFT are to be handled by the EFT Branch staff!

Who we are:

From its inception, RC has always been about building a community where you can find friends, play games, and be a part of one of the fastest growing gaming community. You don’t need to be a member to join our discord and servers, but we’re willing to bet you’re still going to. Now grab your rifle and gear by the door, and let’s win a game!


Riley Company is a huge group of like-minded gamers of all backgrounds. Worried you’re game is not listed? Never fear, we have players who are playing a lot more than the listed games – come see for yourself!

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