Owner of Riley Company, original creator.




General of Riley Company. Captain of The Day Z branch of Riley Company. Head IT Tech of the RC Discord server and website.

Lead Moderator

RC-Luke Yates

Lead Moderator for Riley Company. He brings a stead-feast commitment to the community and goes out of his way to help people.


Lead IT Tech for the community he is a genius with coding and pc issues 

IT Tech

Graphic Designer/Artist


Bio: I live in Newport,Tennesse. Name is Dean O'mac. My email is

Vice President

Co manager of Riley Company, second to President.




General of Riley Company. Captain of The Escape From Tarkov branch of Riley Company. Head Escape From Tarkov.

EFT Captain


The Second in Command of the Escape From Takrov Branch.He is a very loyal yea opinionated officer who's voice is trusted.

EFT Moderator


EFT Moderator for Riley Company. She Tries to keep the peace and enforce the EFT rules

EFT Moderator


EFT Moderator for Riley Company. He Tries to keep the peace and enforce the EFT rules along with he keeps up with and updates our EFT record board

EFT Recruiter


Head Recruiter for Escape From Tarkov he brings his passion and commitment to build up the EFT community

Who we are:

From its inception, RC has always been about building a community where you can find friends, play games, and be a part of one of the fastest growing gaming community. You don’t need to be a member to join our discord and servers, but we’re willing to bet you’re still going to. Now grab your rifle and gear by the door, and let’s win a game!


Riley Company is a huge group of like-minded gamers of all backgrounds. Worried you’re game is not listed? Never fear, we have players who are playing a lot more than the listed games – come see for yourself!

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