Rank 1 - Prospect

The Prospect rank is the first rank given to those newly joined to Riley Company. Although a prospect isn't an official member of Riley Company, and have limited abilities inside the Discord server, they still have liberty in chatting with others and joining voice channels and enjoying their time with everyone in Riley Company.

Rank 2 - Active Prospect

Active Prospects are Prospects who have applied to become a member of Riley Company and are currently awaiting process. Prospects are able to post links and and attach files as opposed to recruits.

Rank 3 - Member

A Member is an official member of Riley Company. Members of Riley Company are able to vote on matters applying to Riley Company, and have a say in the decisions made in Riley Company. Members are also allowed to be part of private Riley Company events and can apply for positions in leadership and streaming services.

Rank 4 - Veteran Member

Veteran Members are members of Riley Company who have been members for at least 6 months. Records are checked every month to confirm whether or not a member qualifies for this title.

Rank 5 - Lieutenant

A lieutenant is second to a Captain. A member can become a lieutenant at the discretion of a captain, however approval must be sought by the General of the Captain electing.

Rank 6 - Captain

A Captain is second to a General. A member can become a Captain at the discretion of the General.

Rank 7 - General

A General is in charge of an entire game or a project hosted by Riley Company. They are officially the representative leaders of their respective games or projects of their respective charge.

Rank 8 - Vice President

A Vice President is a member that is second in command of Riley Company. Vice Presidents assist the President in leading Riley Company and shaping Riley Company.

Rank 9 - President

The President of Riley Company is the head of Riley Company.

Administrative Positions

  • IT Tech

A person responsible for maintaining a technical system, hardware, or software, that Riley Company hosts.

  • Recruiter

A person who recruits other people actively on behalf of Riley Company across the internet.

  • Instructor

A person dedicated to training or providing helpful instruction to people on how to play a designated game or be successful in a designated game.

  • Moderator

A person who passively (or actively) scans through messages and keeping out those violating the rules of Riley Company or causing a problem endangering the good flow of things in Riley Company. (Note: A game moderator has these same abilities aside from moderating their respective games.)