Welcome to Riley Company!

We are happy to welcome you to our community full of friends, teammates, and comrades! We work together to strive to great places as a whole, and with you in our ranks we can get there together!

Games that we currently play!

The Three Percenters

The Three Percenters are a competitive Mil-Sim group of players from all different countries all around the globe. They were founded in 2017. This is one of soon to be many clans that are in the Riley Company community. Below are the games that The Three Percenters host.

Who we are:

From its inception, RC has always been about building a community where you can find friends, play games, and be a part of one of the fastest growing gaming community. You don’t need to be a member to join our discord and servers, but we’re willing to bet you’re still going to. Now grab your rifle and gear by the door, and let’s win a game!


Riley Company is a huge group of like-minded gamers of all backgrounds. Worried you’re game is not listed? Never fear, we have players who are playing a lot more than the listed games – come see for yourself!

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